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Triple Action Organic Scrub - Acne


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Rescue acne-prone skin from clogged pores and build-up. Linipack seeds penetrate skin to perform three actions: deep-pore cleansing, polishing and smoothing skin texture. Lavender, tea tree, and green tea extracts infuse acne-healing nutrients to fight bacteria, leaving skin smooth and completely clean.

"It's been almost two weeks since I bought the Organic Scrub,and my acne has cleared up, my pores are drastically smaller and my skin is incredibly soft! I even talked my boyfriend into trying it!!"
-Christine, Brooklyn, NY


Goes great with:
Enzyme Peeling Cream
Hydrasoft Lotion- Acne
Mud Lavender Mask Wash
Pore Minimizer

• Provides serious deep-pore cleansing
• Gently polishes skin without irritation
• Smoothes & brightens skin
• Lavender, Tea Tree & Green Tea Extracts
• Linipack Seeds
• Lactic Acid
In palm of hands, work a dime size amount into soft paste with water. Massage into wet skin. Rinse thoroughly with cool water. * Use up to 3 times per week; for sensitive skin, you use only twice a week.

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