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Bergamot Wash


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Wash away impurities while calming irritated and sensitive skin. Bergamot, tangerine and sweet almond extracts release help sooth skin while restoring elasticity. This refreshing wash leaves your skin feeling soft, pure and pacified.
"I have used your products for less than a week and have seen immediate improvement! The redness and irritation was relieved the first time I used your products!"
-Barbara, Westerville, OH

• Calms and refreshes skin
• Cleanses without drying out
• Paraben-free
• Sulfate-free; no harsh detergents (SLS)
• No artificial dyes
• No artificial fragrances
• No petrochemicals
• No animal by-products
• Bergamot Extracts
• Tangerine Extracts
• Sweet Almond Extracts Bergamot extracts soothe and balance skin, while tangerine and sweet almond purify and repair.
Massage a small amount into wet skin. Rinse off thoroughly.

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